City of Doral

Occupying 15 square miles just west of Miami International Airport, the City of Doral is one of South Florida's most outstanding cities. Its lush, tree-lined streets and plentiful green areas blend seamlessly into some of the region's most active industrial, artistic and commercial districts, making Doral a city that is as soothing and picturesque as it is productive.

For visitors, Doral offers a plethora of entertainment, lodging, dining and shopping options, making the city one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Florida for both tourism and business travel.. Its many top-rated institutions of learning, ranging from elementary schools through colleges and universities, have also made Doral one of the most desirable places to achieve an education in Miami-Dade County.

With everything it has to offer, it's little wonder why now, more than ever, the City of Doral is the perfect destination for every purpose under the sun. So visit and enjoy Doral, recognized nationwide as on of the country's most successful municipalities, for all the right reasons!

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